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About Clinic

To stay young and healthy is a natural desire. Quality diagnostics, timely prevention and the use of innovative technologies are the three major components of the successful work accomplished through the Predictive Medical Center's “The Tree of Life”  program by maintaining the  health and longevity of our patients!

It is a scientifically proven fact that the biological limit of human life span is increasing to 100-120 years. However, the average life expectancy currently ranges from 70-75 years, resulting in premature aging. Consequently, an individual now has a 30-40 years life reserve. Stresses, poor environmental factors , harmful radiation, unbalanced diet and lifestyle do not allow for the implementation of this biological reserve in the genetic program. However, since we all age differently: an individual's cardiovascular, nervous or endocrine system wears out faster. Each person has his / her own vulnerabilities. Therefore, the sooner a person performs a full examination of the organism with the assessment of health status and the rate of aging, the chances of save his / her health and youthfulness increases tremendously.