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Peptide therapy

Peptide bioregulators are modern innovative preparations. Peptides structure is a short chain of interconnected peptide bonds of two, three or four amino acids.

It has been proven that the regulation of all body functions is a result of the endogenous regulatory peptides (i.e. produced by cells of the organism) as each individual cell synthesizes peptides specific for it.

Involuntary changes in organs and tissues during aging lead to a weakening of their functions and is manifested primarily in the inappropriate synthesis of specific proteins at the cellular level. It has been scientifically proven that a sharp decline in the synthesis of many regulatory peptides and of target cells sensitivity to them occurs during aging. These changes lead to infringement of activities of all of peptide regulation and gradual extinction of functions in the aging organism.

A group of scientists, under the supervision of the Associate member of the Russian Academy of medical sciences, Professor V. Kh. Khavinson, have developed a unique technology, allowing synthesizing analogs of endogenous peptides, which have a selective action on target cells, to which peptides are specific. These developments inspired the creation of preparations – peptide bioregulators – that contribute to the optimal regulation restoration of cellular metabolism in tissues and organs of the body.

The results oflong-term experimental and clinical studies suggest that the use of peptide bioregulators, obtained on the basis of innovative technologies, present a highly effective and safe method of aging process inhibition.

How do peptide Bioregulators accelerate and direct the process of cell regeneration?

Every cell of the human organism consists of a plurality of elements, including the nucleus and mitochondria. Nucleus contains the genetic information; the basic processes that will occur throughout a person's life are laid down there. DNA is the carrier of heredity and information memory; it undergoes a series of changesthroughout life. For example, a number of adverse factors, affecting the human organism, is reflected in the doubling of the DNA chain, which, in turn, through a series of chain reactions, leads to malfunctions in the synthesis of proteins in the cell. Moreover, the proteins, being the main structural elements of living tissues, violate the processes of formation, development and regeneration. In such a way, the “vicious circle” is formed.

That is why the efforts of scientists focused, primarily, on developing methods of influence on regulation of protein synthesis in the cell. Peptide bioregulators activate the DNA in cells, for which they are specific, and minimize the impact of negative factors on it. Thus, certain short chains of peptides, with different sets of amino acid sequence, are able not just to protect DNA and cell structure, but also to normalize and accelerate the regeneration of tissues and organ as a whole, connecting internal tissues reserves. In addition, the improvement or restoration of organs and tissues optimizes

WE are Restoring health and turning the aging clock back!

It appears that peptide bioregulators do not just act selectively (a specific bio regulator for each system of the organism) on cells and their structure, but also stimulate, indirectly, all vital functions of the body. It has become evident why patients, who began the use of peptide bioregulators, mark not only improvement and normalization of the functioning of the organs, but are talking more about organism rejuvenation its virtues and benefits.

…it's as if I not only returned to good health, but also gained back the years!

Due to long-term scientific developments,experimental and clinical studies, peptide bioregulators became available, their effectiveness has been proven, and their safety has been fully validated. Over the years, several thousands of people successfully used these preparations and they now feel young and healthy at any age. Because of the absence of contraindications and opportunities to purchase preparations without a prescription, there appeared a new method not only to feel healthy, but also actually to be so.