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The urological program for women


It can happen to any woman. But this problem is so intimate that the majority of women hesitate to share it even with the closest of friends.
You believe that you are the only woman who has such a ticklish problem? You are far from being alone.

There is no need to hide! Take the first step - simply visit a qualified doctor. The professional will diagnose the type of your problem, and its reasons. He will assign you with appropriate treatment!

In our clinic there is a program of treatment of the female urinary incontinence. It is based on the use of a complex of peptide bioregulators which improve cell metabolism and stimulate muscular tonus of the bladder sphincter



  • Consultation with an urologist,
  • Urine clinical test,
  • Urine tests on flora and sensitivity to antibiotics,
  • 10 instillation procedures,
  • 10 procedures of electrophoresis and a course of tableted peptide bioregulators, restoring the work of the bladder sphincter.